What services can I expect if I register.

You can view video content, purchase products and enter contests provided by DAISUKI.

About email addresses allowed for registration

You must register your email address at the DAISUKI membership registration. Please register your PC email address.

About automated e-mails

When you complete a new membership registration or register a new e-mail address, we will send an automated notification to your registered e-mail address within 24 hours.
When you receive the e-mail, please complete the registration (or the change) by clicking the included URL.
If you cannot complete the registration through the above steps, please follow the same procedure again.

I cannot access the URL in the automated registration e-mail.

Some email software and web mail services do not properly create URL links in emails.
Copy the URL on the email and paste it directly into the address bar of the browser.

I have not received an interim registration notification email which to be sent in the course of a registration or change of email address.

Check that you entered your e-mail address properly and that the automated e-mail is not in your spam folder. If this does not solve the problem, check your security settings for your e-mail software as well as your provider's settings.

I want to change/confirm my profile information.

From the “My DAISUKI”page, please click the menu option that you wish to change or confirm.
*You must be signed in first.

I forgot my password.

“Sign In” screen and click “Forgot your Password?” Enter your e-mail address and follow the steps to reset it.

I completed registration but I can't find "My DAISUKI"

You must be signed in to access "My DAISUKI". Please make sure that you are signed in to the website.
*Click here to access "My DAISUKI." (If you are not signed in, a sign in screen will appear. Once you have signed in, you will be directed to "My DAISUKI.")

I cannot sign in.

Did you enter the correct email address/ password?
* Note that email addresses and passwords are case-sensitive.
(If the CAPS LOCK key is on, all typed characters will be in upper case.)
Only alphanumeric characters can be used for your e-mail address and password.
*You cannot sign in using your registered nickname.

Go to the “Sign In” screen and click “Forgot your password?” Enter your e-mail address and follow the steps to reset it.

Go to “Contact Us”, if you cannot use your registered e-mail address.

Please enable Cookies in your browser.

Is JavaScript enabled in your browser?

Are the date and time settings correct in your computer?
If the time settings are incorrect, the cookie expiration dates are affected which causes a sign-in failure.
Be sure to have the correct date and time settings.

When you change the cookie and JavaScript settings, reboot your computer and browser and sign in again.

I cannot sign-in though I completed my registration.

If you forgot your password, refer to the question “I forget my password.
* Please note, if you forgot your date of birth or registered e-mail address or cannot use your new e-mail after you changed it, the system cannot verify your user ID.

I forgot my password.

"You can reset your password by clicking ""Forgot your Password?"" and following the instructions.
You must be able to access your registered e-mail address to reset your password.

【Password Re-Issue Procedure】
1.Open the ""Forgot your Password?"" page.
2.Correctly type in your e-mail address.
3.Press the ""Send"" button.
4.An e-mail will be sent to the address provided, with the subject “[DAISUKI] Password recovery guide.”
5.Open the password reissue page by using the URL included in the email and register a new password.
** Some e-mail software and providers do not properly display URL links in e-mails.
Copy the URL in the e-mail and paste it directly into the address bar of your browser.

* If you get a message that says “the e-mail address is not found,” you may be typing the wrong e-mail address. Enter your e-mail address correctly and try again.

*If you don't receive an e-mail titled “[DAISUKI] Password recovery guide,” check your spam folder, etc.
Please complete reissuing procedure within 24 hours from the time you receive the notification. You will be required to complete the procedure within 24 hours.

I cannot sign-in because my registered e-mail address does not work.

"Unfortunately we can not change your registration information, including your e-mail address, for you.

If you require an order cancellation, please follow the cancellation procedure below.

<If you have a pending credit card payment>
Please contact us, indicating your request to cancel along with the following information.
・Date of birth
*Refer to the registration completion notification e-mail sent after the membership registration procedure.

After receiving your request and verifying your registered information, we will proceed with the cancellation process.
If any of the required information is unknown or we cannot verify your registration with the information provided, we cannot proceed with the cancellation. In this case, please contact your payment service provider.

How can I setup an automatic log-in next time I visit DAISUKI?

By checking the “Keep me signed-in” on the membership registration or sign-in screen, you will be remained logged-in to DAISUKI for the next 90 days.
If you want to disable the auto sign-in function, click the [Logout] button on the site's header. You are also automatically logged out if you don't visit DAISUKI for 90 days.

via multiple devices

You can sign-in to DAISUKI on different computers or browsers so long as they are not simultaneous. Please note: If you sign-in to the site on different computers or browsers with the auto sign-in function enabled, the auto sign-in on the other computer or browser will be invalid.

Managing e-mail address and password.

You are responsible for managing your e-mail address and password. Read the following instructions and manage them with care.
・If you share your computer or device with several users, make sure to sign out when you are finished.
・Important reminders about password management:
Change your password on a regular basis.
Do not use a password that is the same as your nickname.
Do not use passwords that are easy to guess.
(e.g. Your date of birth, name, and phone number, or a short word etc. )
Do not write your password down on a piece of paper or save it on your computer.


BANDAI NAMCO ID is a shared account used for various web services provided by BANDAI NAMCO Group. See here for more information.

I cannot sign in with my BANDAI NAMCO ID.

If you cannot sign in, see the BANDAI NAMCO ID website's help.

I forgot my BANDAI NAMCO log-in ID.

BANDAI NAMCO ID is part of your personal information. Our support service is not allowed to access it.
BANDAI NAMCO ID is registered to the same e-mail as your DAISUKI membership, so check that e-mail address.

I forgot my BANDAI NAMCO log-in password.

If you forgot your password, see the BANDAI NAMCO ID website's help.

How can I setup an automatic log-in with my BANDAI NAMCO ID next time I visit DAISUKI?

The "keep me signed-in" feature does not work with BANDAI NAMCO ID log-in.