Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars



#01 Sisters

Rena's date with Yui is interrupted by a mysterious person from her past.



12 years ago, in the country of Rimguard, a big incident left an unsolved mystery that has begun to fade from people's memories. Time passes, and sisters Yui and Rena are living peacefully in the Enastria Empire. However, one day, a large mecha attacks Enastria. This day marks the turning point when the two girls get caught in the vortex of fate.


Creation Year: 2016
Licensor: Hakuhodo DY
Copyright: ©Regalia Project


Director: Susumu Tosaka
Series Composition: Keigo Koyanagi
Original Character Design: QP:flapper
Character Design: Kimitake Nishio
Art Director: Shinji Katahira
Chief Animation Director: Kimitake Nishio
Mechanical design: Kanta Suzuki
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Director of Photography: Koji Tanaka
Color design: Sachiko Harada
Sound Effects: Yasumasa Koyama
Sound Technician: Takayuki Yamaguchi
Sub-Character Design: Kentaro Tokiwa
Theme Song Performance:
Minami (ED)
True (OP)


Ayane Sakura as Rena
Kaede Hondo as Yui
Asami Seto as Ingrid
Nao Tōyama as Kei
Yui Ogura as Tia
Yurika Kubo as Sara